21 gay male masturbation

Well, I’ll start with a little bit of context – I’m a 21 year old gay male and have been exploring my sexual identity for a few years now.​ I recently came across the topic of male masturbation and I thought I’d share my experience with it.​

First of all, masturbation for anyone can be a daunting experience if you’re not sure of it yet—especially as a gay male.​ I was hesitant to start exploring it, unsure of what to expect, but I soon learnt that it was a really interesting and fulfilling experience.​

I found that the best way for me to start was to think of it as an exploration and have fun with it.​ I started to experiment with different touches, strokes, and sex toys, learning how different techniques felt for me.​ I soon realized that the pleasure derived from exploring and experimenting was unparalleled.​

In fact, I even learnt that I could experience multiple orgasms and really enjoy the experience.​ It was something that I took pride in and which helped me to understand my own body better.​ With each new experience I learnt new and exciting ways to pleasure myself.​

What I found really interesting however was that when I did these exercises I didn’t feel guilty or ashamed afterwards, like I thought I would.​ This was a huge surprise because we are often taught that masturbation is a dirty practice.​

I began to realize that this was actually something I could be proud of, something which helped me to love and accept myself in all parts of my life.​ I was discovering parts of my own sexuality, becoming more confident in my own body, and enjoying new experiences.​

Although I often feel today’s society is behind the times when it comes to sex dolls, I think it’s important to start having more frank conversations about male masturbation.​ We need to create a safe space to be able to talk about our own experiences without shame or guilt.​

I’ve noticed that many gay men continue to think masturbation is something wrong, but I believe it should be celebrated for being so inclusive and normal.​ It’s not something to be scared of, it should be an opportunity to practice self-love and exploration.​

I find that communicating openly and honestly with partners can also be a great benefit.​ It’s a great way to get to know each other better and to be more intimate.​ We should also understand that masturbation doesn’t replace physical intimacy with a partner, as it can be done as an intimate practice when done together.​

Overall, male masturbation is something I’d recommend every gay male to experience and explore, especially since it helps us understand our own sexuality.​ It gave me a newfound appreciation for my body, and I found it to be incredibly freeing and fulfilling.​