As soon as i heard about these new male masturbation lubes that say the word masturbation, I was really intrigued! I mean, this seemed like a great way to keep a conversation going and that was really appealing to me.​ I had to find out more!

So, I took to the internet to look up more about these lubes and it turns out that they are actually designed to help men get a more satisfying experience when it comes to masturbation.​ They apparently contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera, sex dolls arginine, and castor oil which can help you feel extra sensual.​ What’s more, the lubes also contain some unusual flavorings such as mint, rum, and cocoa.​

I thought this was really cool since it could make masturbation much more enjoyable and exciting.​ I also liked how it was like an extra special treat, kind of like having a sexy dessert after a great meal.​ It was certainly a lot more thrilling than just using a normal lubricant!

After I did my research, I decided to give the lube a try.​ I’m not someone who really enjoys the standard lubricant so I had heard that it could be a much better experience, and I was not disappointed.​ The lube felt great against my skin and it was really easy to use.​ It was also really long-lasting and didn’t dry out like most lubricants do.​

I was pleasantly surprised with the results and would definitely recommend this type of lube to anyone else who is looking for something a little more enjoyable and stimulating.​ The flavors were great too and I could definitely tell that it was stimulating my senses in a special way.​ I think I might just be a fan for life!

Now I am looking into different ways to enhance my sexual experience even further.​ I have heard about the idea of incorporating new sex toys into the mix and am a bit hesitant to do so at first, but I’m sure if I take it step by step I can create something really special for myself.​ I am looking forward to discovering more possibilities and finding out what I like and don’t like.​

I am also thinking about how to make this type of pleasure even more special.​ Could adding some special music or scented candles really add an extra bit of spice? I think it might be worth a try! I know that by exploring these possibilities, I can create something that will not only please myself but also make my partner just as happy.​

Finally, I am thinking about sharing all of this with my partner.​ I know that with this extra bit of knowledge, we can explore even more exciting things together.​ Who knows what amazing experiences might arise if we have the right tools to help us do so!