can couples agree on a sex toy

I had never even thought about the idea of a couple agreeing to bring a sex toy into the bedroom until recently. My friend’s husband had offered to purchase one as a surprise for their anniversary and she was totally against the idea. She didn’t understand vibrators why it was necessary and wasn’t willing to give it a shot. I was honestly a bit perplexed myself.

It all started when my friend began to ask around about using sex toys, and one of her friends told her a funny story about her own experience with a sex toy. She said that her husband had purchased a “Magic Wand” vibrator for their anniversary and that it changed their sex life to a point they couldn’t believe. This story piqued my curiosity and sparked an intense conversation among us about the possibility of introducing a toy into our relationships.

A lot of us thought it would increase the passion and intimacy between couples. It could add playful elements to the bedroom and be something to look forward to during certain occasions. Someone else made a great point that sex toys could be the perfect way to explore each other’s desires without having to say a word. I’m sure we all just wanted something tangible to bring us closer together.

But then there were those who feared it would be embarrassing or overbearing in the bedroom. Some felt it would be plain awkward or too intimidating to share. We took this idea of “fear of the unknown” into consideration and started to discuss what kind of toy would work best for couples.

We decided that a smaller and discreet toy with simple functions would be the perfect start. This way, couples could both explore the toy’s different functions slowly to get a feel for it, then move on to more complex toys as they find comfortable. No one wants to run to the other side of the bed in shock mid-orgasm.

We also discussed the importance of doing it together. Opening the box, talking about what to do, discussing specific terms, and allowing each other to experience the toy in a non-threatening environment. We found our group of friends to be incredibly open minded and vibrators comfortable talking about almost anything.

The topic of sex toys raised a lot of questions for all of us but taught us a lot in the process. Our group of friends see each other very often and we’ve decided that if anyone ever has trouble agreeing on a toy, we’re here to help. We’ve all decided to keep an open mind so that one day, if we decide to explore together, help will be right at our fingertips.