Vibrators - remember my friend telling me about the rise of wooden sex toys and I thought, do women really use wooden sex toys? Well, after doing a bit of research, I’ve come to find out that they do!

From the looks of it, wooden sex toys are made to look like regular everyday items so they don’t draw attention. And, they also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes which makes them great for tailored pleasure.

They may be considered unconventional but then again, there’s no one size fits all when it comes to pleasurable toys. After all, who doesn’t want to feel as though they can find something to suit their individual needs?

Moreover, even though the idea of wooden sex toys may seem strange at first, they hold plenty of positive benefits. For one, the wood used to make the toys is often of high-grade quality so it’s typically durable and made to last. Additionally, it’s nonporous which makes it very hygienic and vibrators easy to clean.

Hearing this, I thought to give testing the toys out for myself a try but couldn’t find the courage to do so. I mean, for someone like me who loves the idea of exploring my own pleasure through toys and gadgets, vibrators I just didn’t know if this was the right thing for me.

So, I asked around to all my girlfriends and realized that these wood-made sex toys were actually quite popular even amongst them. I also found out that the texture and material of the wood adds a unique sensation and visceral pleasure that can’t quite be compared to any other toy.

That’s when I decided to bite the bullet and gave my first wooden sex toy a try. Sure enough, it felt incredibly natural and the results certainly got the job done.

Subsequently, I started exploring options with mix-and-match as well as customized shapes and sizes that would appeal to me. This not only allowed me to explore further on my own pleasure without any hesitation but I quickly found an array of little tricks and tips along the way.

Furthermore, I found out that the wooden sex toys are great for long-distance couples as they present an element of safety in terms of being discreet and low risk. Plus, there’s no need to worry about charging the toy as it doesn’t run on batteries like other gadgets.

Overall, I can definitely say that wooden sex toys are an excellent way to explore pleasure and indulge in a little self-care safely.