fresh brew male masturbator

Hey there.​ So the other day a buddy of mine sent me a link to this new male masturbator, and I was totally intrigued.​ It was called the Fresh Brew Male Masturbator, and it promised some intense sensations.​ So, naturally, I had to get my hands on one.​

Now, I’m no stranger to male sex toys, but this was something else entirely.​ First off, it felt so real and natural to the touch and it was totally waterproof.​ I mean, why hadn’t anyone thought of this before? It was amazing.​ And then it came time to turn it on.​

That was when I could really feel the power.​ Instead of being a bunch of vibrations like your standard male masturbators, this one came equipped with a suction function that pulls and releases at intervals.​ The feeling was incredible.​ Plus, it was whisper quiet, so I could use it in peace.​

But one of the most impressive features was that it has a rechargeable battery so I can keep the pleasure going.​ I can charge it up, use it, and recharge it when I’m done.​ How cool is that? Plus, with the LED lights and color changes, it added a whole new layer of excitement.​

Speaking of layers, let’s talk about how the Fresh Brew Male Masturbator felt.​ To put it simply, it was heavenly.​ I could feel it deep within me as I rode the waves of pleasure.​ Not only was it powerful, but the sensations were extremely intense too.​ I almost feel like I have a new respect for male sex toys now.​

But don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a toy you can just take out and use on a whim.​ You need to make sure the air hole is contained in the event of risky business.​ No matter how excited you are, don’t forget to use proper protection.​ That way, you can ensure you thoroughly enjoy your experience without risking any infections.​

Anyway, my buddy was right.​ This Fresh Brew Male Masturbator is definitely worth the money.​ Not only does it feel great, it also packs a whole lot of tech and features that make it the best male masturbator I’ve ever use.​ Sure, there are other options out there, vibrators but they don’t come anywhere close to this.​