full size female sex doll

You know what really surprised me recently? Seeing a full-size female sex doll in the flesh! It totally blew me away.

Let me give you the details. I was at a friend’s house and we were discussing adult products. They had this full-size female sex doll sitting on their shelf and dildos we were curious to get a closer look.

They were a bit hesitant to let us get too close, but I asked if we could give it a try. It turns out, these dolls have some pretty interesting features. The detailing was amazing. From the skin texture to the hair, it looked just like a real person.

And the way it moved! It was programmed to respond to touch and respond to commands. It was so lifelike that we couldn’t help but stare. We even joked about making it the new guest of honor at our next dinner party!

It also had some voice capabilities. Every time I asked it a question, its lips would move and it would produce a response. It truly was like talking to a real person. And its eyes were even adjustable.

We were so mesmerized we almost forgot to ask about the price. But when we did, we found out it was way out of our budget range. However, I have to say, Penis Rings it was still a pretty amazing experience.

So what do you think? Have you ever seen a life-size female sex doll in the flesh? It honestly made me feel a little bit uncomfortable, but in a strange and exciting way.