funzone juicy mini male masturbator demonstration

It was recently my great pleasure to attend the Funzone Juicy Mini Male Masturbator Demonstration.​ As someone who is very passionate about sex toys, I knew this was an event I had to take part in.​

When I arrived, there were all kinds of people milling about, from couples to singles, curious couples and people just wanting to see what this event was all about.​ We all gathered around some chairs in the centre of the room, where the demonstration was to take place.​

I was a little nervous, but the atmosphere in the room was pretty friendly and welcoming.​ The demonstrator was really great too—she made sure everyone felt at ease and she answered any questions we might have about the toy.​

The demonstration was absolutely amazing.​ The toy was about the size of my hand and it was just so soft and squishy! I was instantly enamored with it.​ The demonstrator showed us the inner workings of the toy, explaining how it was designed to simulate penetration and pleasure.​ She also showed us the different ways to use the toy and how it could help us explore different sensations.​ We were all engrossed by the demonstration and everyone was totally excited for the toy!

After the demonstration, we had a chance to take the toy home.​ I happily grabbed one of the units and I’ve been experimenting with it ever since.​ Every time I use it, I am absolutely taken with the sensations and the pleasure it brings me.​

The toy feels really amazing and I invite everyone to give it a try.​ It may appear intimidating at first but I promise you that, sex dolls the Funzone Juicy Mini Male Masturbator will definitely become one of your favorite sexual toys.​ It can be used in so many different ways and it will definitely add a lot of spice to your solo sessions.​

Aside from its excellent pleasure benefits, it is also really durable and easy to clean.​ The material is totally safe and phthalate free.​ And it’s also really affordable, which is another great thing about it.​

In addition to this, the toy also comes with a warranty.​ So if anything goes wrong with it, the company will resolve the issue for you in no time.​

That’s why I highly recommend the Funzone Juicy Mini Male Masturbator, especially if you are new to male sex toys.​ It’s a great way to get to know your body and explore your sexual desires.​ Not to mention, it pushes the boundaries of pleasure just the way you like it.​