how to bring up to wife about sex toy

I remember when I first thought of bringing up the subject of sex toys to my wife. It felt awkward and I found myself procrastinating over it for weeks. The idea had come to me in the quirkiest of ways – through an offhand comment my friend had made during a casual conversation about the topic. But I wasn’t sure if my wife would appreciate the suggestion or if she would feel offended. I felt hesitant and anxious about the whole thing.

So I did what I typically do when I want to find some clarity – I got on the internet and started researching. It was a good thing that I did – because I found out that this was an area that many couples were already exploring. It allowed me to shift my perspective and see the idea in a different light.

Once I was more comfortable with the idea – I began to think of the ways I would bring up the topic to her. I thought of the words I would use and what the context of the conversation should be. I made sure to make it a point that I was open to understanding her opinion and that I wasn’t trying to impose my views on her.

The day I decided to bring up the topic came soon enough. I made sure that I had asked her a few questions about her day and shared my own stories before bringing it up. I brought up the topic gently and dildos told her that I’d read some interesting articles and wanted to get her opinion on it. I also made sure to mention that the conversations we had did not have to lead to anything.

Surprisingly, my wife was really open to the discussion and we talked about it for quite some time. She had some questions about the process and we discussed some of the ways it could be done. We even had a good laugh at some of the more amusing aspects of it.

The conversation that night made me realize that there are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to such sensitive issues. Being honest with each other and having an open mind can go a long way towards having a healthy discussion.

Once we were both comfortable with it, we decided to talk about the various sex toys we thought would work best for us. We discussed the ways we wanted to use them and the kinds of materials they should be made of. We took our time researching on the internet and exploring different options.

After much deliberation, we finally decided on a few toys we could use together. We had a blast trying them out and experimenting with them. It was an eye-opening experience for both of us.

I learned that these conversations do not always have to feel intimidating or awkward. As long as we communicate clearly and move through it together – it can be a really positive experience for both parties.

We both agreed to look for more interesting toys every now and then and also be open to exploring new things together. We found a great website that allows us to shop for these toys unobtrusively. We’ve had some amazing experiences together and I’m really glad that I took the leap of faith and brought up the topic to my wife.