how to invert sex toys

Hey friend, I was talking to a colleague of mine the other day and they told me that they’d recently tried inverting their sex toy. Intrigued, I had to ask them how they’d gone about doing so. They smiled cheekily at me and said that they’d figured it out, so I asked them to explain.

To start, I was informed I that I’d first have to take the necessary precautions, like making sure the toy has been thoroughly cleaned, has its batteries removed, and Penis Rings that the correct lubricant is applied. This is all to ensure that the toy will function properly once inverted. After I had taken the required actions, I was told to carefully undo the base of the toy that normally sits in the abdomen. Once undone, I need to reverse the toy—it should now be inverted and pointing towards the head of the toy’s body.

My colleague went on to clarify that after I’ve undone and reversed the toy, I should reattach the battery pack, or whatever power source was previously used. The power source should now be facing towards the head, instead of the abdomen. Doing so will allow the power source to remain connected to the toy since the centre of gravity is now shifted in the opposite direction. After that, all that needs to be done is to switch on the toy and enjoy.

Evidently, inverting a sex toy has multiple advantages—it can cause different levels of stimulation and pleasure when in use. This could be down to the internal parts of the toy becoming more accessible for further interaction when inverted. It can also make the toy easier to clean, preventing any dirt or bacteria from gathering. Plus, it takes up virtually no time, once you’re familiar with the steps.

It’s quite incredible what a simple step like inverting a sex toy can do to enhance your experience. It adds a truly unique sensation to an otherwise standard experience. I must admit, I’m seriously considering doing this myself soon. With such an incredible reward like this, the process of learning how to invert a sex toy seems pretty simple.

At any rate, I’m so happy my colleague shared this secret with me. If you’re up for experimenting and having some fun, then don’t hesitate to try inverting your sex toy, it’s really quite simple. Who knows, maybe it could take your experience to the next level!