how to use calexotics penis pump

There’s no doubt that the Calexotics penis pump is a great tool to help enhance your experience.​ Since I started using mine, it’s been an unbelievable journey and sex dolls I wanted to share with you my experience and how to use it.​

First things first, the pump comes with instructions.​ Make sure to read them and get familiar with the parts before you get started.​ I was a little nervous when I first saw the instructions but don’t worry – it’s pretty straightforward.​

Next, it’s important to assemble the pump properly.​ That means making sure the tube is placed securely and all the pieces are fastened tightly.​ Once you’ve got it all together, it’s time to start pumping.​

Before the first time, I’d recommend lightly lubricating the base of the tube and the pumping handle.​ This will help you pump more smoothly.​ Once you’re ready, start with a few light pumps and take it slowly at first to give your penis time to adjust to the pressure.​ Once you’re comfortable with the level, you can gradually increase the intensity.​

I suggest using the pump for no more than 10 minutes at a time.​ You don’t want to overdo it.​ Trust me, I thought I could go forever the first time I used it! After you’re done pumping, make sure you hold the base of the tube firmly for a few moments to ensure everything is secure.​

Once you’ve become comfortable with using the pump, it’s time to experiment.​ Try using lotion or oil with the pump to create different sensations and intensities.​ I’ve found this to be especially enjoyable.​ You can also throw in some saucy sex toys into the mix if you’re feeling a bit adventurous.​

Finally, when you’re done using the pump, make sure to give it a good cleaning.​ Read the manufacturer’s instructions and use a specialized cleaning product.​ Then, store it away until next time in a cool, dry place.​

Now that you know how to use it, it’s time to explore and enhance your experience.​ Start incorporating it into your routine and start seeing the incredible results it can bring you – good luck!