I’ve been looking into a new desensitizer gel for male masturbation.​I was curious if it truly was any better than the old options.​ After reading the reviews, I decided to give it a try.​

I was surprised when I opened the package.​ It looked like any other lubricant, but the consistency was noticeably lighter and more supple.​ I felt more comfortable applying it in comparison to the thicker, drier gel I had been using for years.​

I was astonished by the difference it made for me.​ I wasn’t as sensitive as I had been before and it was so much easier to last longer.​ Not only could jerk off for longer but I could explore and experiment, something I never used to do before.​

When I was finished, I felt an amazing sensation.​ I wasn’t drained or sore like before.​ Instead, I felt sexually sated and content.​ I went to sleep with a satisfied smile on my face.​

My opinion about the new desensitizer gel wasn’t wrong.​ It was exponentially better than the old desensitizer.​It allowed me to explore new sensations and last for longer.​ I highly recommend it to any man looking for a better masturbation experience.​

Beyond the Desensitizer Gel:

Aside from the desensitizer gel, there are other ways to make masturbation a better experience.​ Different tools can do different things, such as toys that stimulate different areas of the body like the prostate.​ People can even explore new forms of masturbation like manual stimulation or stuffing objects inside the body for a unique sexual experience.​

Exploring new techniques can bring a variety of new sensations.​ I recently tried out a prostate stimulator and the results were fantastic.​ Beyond the intense stimulation and pleasure, I felt incredibly relaxed afterward and noticed a positive shift in my personal well-being.​

Sometimes its hard to separate taboos around masturbation from the actual pleasure it can bring.​ By exploring different ways to masturbate, individuals can learn to accept masturbation as a natural component of life.​

Mental and emotional benefits:

Beyond the physical pleasure, masturbation can also bring a variety of mental and emotional benefits.​ It can reduce anxiety and stress, improve mood, reduce risk of certain types of cancer, and even deepen sexual relationships.​

The combination of physical release and emotional comfortableness, can even trigger mental states of euphoria.​ It’s not uncommon to feel invigoratingly confident and strong after self-love.​

Not only can masturbation provide much needed intimacy but can also help individuals to connect better with their own bodies.​ It can be a form of self-care and a way to get in touch with their own sexuality.​

Additionally, masturbation can bring individuals closer to partners or potential partners.​ By understanding the way your body responds to touch, and communicating this to partners, it can bring great connection and understanding.​

Exploring Options:

Experimenting with different objects can be a positive part of masturbation; there’s really no wrong way to play.​ Sex toy stores, often sell a variety of products ranging from artificial vaginas to vibrators, that can give the user an idea of what type of stimulation they like and don’t like.​

For those who increase levels of creativity or who are self conscious about using sex dolls toys, there are other options too.​ Homemade items such as pillows, toilet paper rolls or washcloths, as well as different items from the kitchen can also bring interesting sensations.​

Mixing it up and trying different techniques can play a part in understanding one’s body and what feels best.​ Simple changes to an individual’s masturbation routine can make a world of difference in pleasure derived.​


Whether looking for a desensitizer gel or exploring new forms of masturbation, individuals can gain a variety of benefits from it.​ Not only can it bring physical pleasure, but also emotional and mental benefits.​ I feel more connected with my own body and more open to communicating with my partner thanks to my new discovery.​