male automatic masturbator strong sucking men sex toys

Man, have I got a fun story for you about a male automatic masturbator strong sucking men sex toy!

It all started when my buddy invited me along to try out the new sex dolls toy he had invested in for himself and all his friends.​ We were all really curious at first but by the time we’d all had our turn, all the guys were incredibly impressed with the sensations that the toy produced.​ It had this strong sucking suction that was just out of this world and I can honestly say that I had never experienced anything like it.​

This male automatic masturbator was crafted to perfection, with a sleek design that fit in the palm of your hand.​ The interior was lined with a soft silicone that was shaped to specifically target your sensitive areas.​ With each thrust, the toy would increase in intensity and it created such a strong feeling of pleasure that I had to keep thrusting until the sensation became too intense to handle.​

I started off with the lowest setting and then gradually built up to the strongest that the toy could produce.​ To give you an idea of how strong it was, I’d say that it’s the closest thing to an actual human touch.​ Each stroke sent waves of pleasure throughout my body and the sensation was so intense, it made me shudder in pleasure.​

The toy also had a setting that you could control with a remote from up to five feet away.​ It was perfect for when I wanted to rub my buddies back without even being in the same room.​ The remote also had a delicate touch that was just right for pinpointing the exact spot that I wanted to focus on.​

Not only that, it was also USB rechargeable, so I never had to worry about running out of power.​ The battery life was so long that I was able to enjoy it for approximately four hours before needing to charge it up again.​

When I was done, I couldn’t help but be in awe of this male automatic masturbator.​ I think that this is going to be a popular addition to all the guys sex toys around.​ It definitely feels like a great investment, something that can be enjoyed for years to come.​

In my experience, this sex toy produces an unparalleled pleasure.​ The suction combined with the temperature controlled settings have totally changed my game.​ It’s like having someone inside your head taking care of all the heavy lifting while you get to just be in the moment and enjoy the ride.​

Plus, the toy actually comes with an instructional guide to help you get the most out of your experience.​ It outlines the essential techniques needed to achieve the highest level of arousal and you can even personalize some of the settings to increase your pleasure.​

One feature that I found particularly useful was the strobing light, which lets you ‘emit’ your desire while experiencing an incredibly strong sucking sensation.​ It was definitely the perfect way to end the evening!

To top it off, this toy is incredibly easy to clean and very safe to use.​ The silicone material it’s made out of is hypoallergenic, so there’s no need to worry about any irritations.​

I’m honestly very impressed with this male automatic masturbator strong sucking men sex toy.​ It’s definitely a great addition to any bedroom and will bring out the best in every sexual experience.​