male masturbator feeling girl

I recently had the pleasure to test out a male masturbator that has been specifically designed to feel like a girl.​ At first, I was a bit hesitant to use the toy, as I wasn’t sure how it would feel compared to the real deal.​ But to my surprise, the male masturbator really did feel like a girl.​

The outer body of the device was made from a very soft and supple silicone material that gave an incredibly realistic skin like feeling that I did not expect.​ And when I turned on the motor, the male masturbator came alive and the vibrations felt so good that I could barely contain myself!

The masturbator also featured a few realistic features that really added to the overall experience.​ Not only did it feature a realistic clitoris-like protrusion at the top, but it also boasted an internal structure that created a simulated g-spot.​ This was the cherry on top for me.​ Nothing gave me more pleasure then feeling this simulated g-spot as the motor vibrated inside of me.​

The male masturbator also included different patterns and speeds that allowed me to customize my experience to suit my needs.​ Whether I wanted a slow and steady sensation or a rapid and intense one, the male masturbator had it all.​ It’s truly a great way to add variety to your bedroom activities.​

And if that wasn’t enough, the male masturbator also boasted a built-in heating feature that heated the device up to a realistic body temperature, making it even feel more like a real person!

Overall, I’d have to say I was quite impressed by the male masturbator.​ There are many out there but this one stood out for me because of its realistic feel and its abundance of features.​ If you’re looking for an experience that closely resembles what a real female partner feels like, then look no further.​ The male masturbator experience is definitely worth a try!

The next section of my exploration of the male masturbator experience was the use of lubrication.​ It might seem like a no-brainer to some, but using lube with male masturbators can make a world of difference.​ Not only did the lubricant make the device smoother and even more realistic, but it also made it easier to slide in and out.​

Using lube also allowed me to play around with different textures and sensations.​ Using creamy or even a little slick lubricants allowed me to explore different combinations of pressure, Penis Rings speed and intensity.​ I could really focus on what felt best to me and sex toys really get the most out of my experience.​

For the next portion of my experience, I decided to explore using condoms with my male masturbator.​ I thought this would be a great way to minimise the clean up after using the device.​ Not only did the condom make it easier to clean, but it also created a barrier that felt slightly different from just the device itself.​ This gave me another layer of pleasure that I did not expect.​

I also thought using the condom gave the simulated g-spot feature a more realistic feeling.​ The texture was a lot softer with the condom on and it felt like the g-spot was right in front of me.​ It was really quite amazing.​ Plus, the internal motor still felt great, regardless of the layer of protection.​

Finally, I decided to try an enhancer sleeve with my male masturbator.​ Enhancer sleeves are great for adding texture and intensity to the device and since my male masturbator had several different types of enhancers, I decided to try them all.​ This allowed me to explore a variety of sensations that I had previously not experienced.​

I tried the ribbed enhancer sleeve first and it really added a new dimension of pleasure.​ Not only did it feel great against my shaft, but it also created a tight sensation against my simulated g-spot.​ It was like a massage on the inside and it felt really great.​ I also tried the bumpy enhancer sleeve and it added a similar sensation, but had much more of an intense feeling that really increased the pleasure.​

Overall, I had a great experience with my male masturbator.​ From the realistic feeling of the device to the variety of features it had to offer, I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to add some spice to their bedroom activities.​ Trying out the lube, condoms and enhancer sleeves only added to the excitement and I’m so glad that I got the chance to explore all of the possibilities that this device had to offer.​