must have sex toys 2018

Well, me and my friends were having a conversation about sex toys quite recently and how everyone should have at least one in their collection for 2018. We all agreed it would be a must! I mean why not add a little more fun and spice to your sex life? I have quite a few collected over the years which I always bring out for special occasions, and I can vouch for them coming in quite handy!

I believe that sex toys add a level of closeness and intimacy between couples, and it’s all about energy exchange between two people. Whether it’s a vibrating dildo or a discreet, rechargeable finger vibrator, toys are always a great buy and a fantastic addition to the bedroom. Not only that, but they can also open up conversations between couples about boundaries and desires when it comes to sex, and can really amp up the chemistry in the bedroom!

Everyone I know who owns a toy definitely has an extra layer of fun in their sex life – it’s like their secret weapon! I, too, have many favourites but I think my most cherrished one is the vibrator which literally changed my life! The sensations it gave me – intense pleasure – was beyond my expectations. It has become a staple and must-buy in my collection, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is unsure of what to get.

The world of sex toys keeps growing and Penis Rings the designs are becoming more modern and can even be connected to phones for a completely individual experience. For a variety, I suggest buying a few items from different retailers online. This way you can experiment with a few before settling on what suits you and your partner best. Gosh, the range available is mind boggling!

You don’t have to be an expert to know which sex toy is best for you. There are endless amounts of information, reviews and advice online which can really help you narrow down what type to buy. And if you are ever feeling uncertain, you can always reach out and ask around for some personal recommendations.

Pink Sparkle Vibe - A Very Small Vibrator\u2013 Vibrators.comThere are so many tiny, pocket-friendly sex toys which can fit in anywhere and cost really low. Try buying an atomic lip balm bullet vibrator or a pocket-sized action vibrator which will give you more than just a lip balm charged buzz. These are some of the best purchases in 2018 as they are so affordable and literally like carrying a thumb drive or pen drive in your purse.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are high tech and remote controlled sex toys which allow couples to explore boundaries together. Some toys are even capable of being played with from across the world – with the help of wi-fi and Bluetooth technology.

The top of the range sex toys usually come with price tags attached and it can be hard to know which ones to invest in. Some people prefer to use the relatively basic toys and if that’s the case, I’d suggest a feather duster or some wooden spoons for more sensual play. Other accessories like handcuffs, body paints and small sex cushions can also add to the fun.

When it comes to buying sex toys there is no right or wrong answer. I find no matter what people’s willingness to take risks or explore is – there’s something out there for everyone. Variety is key and there are so many options for couples that it can make the right choice exciting and fun.

I always believe that every relationship needs something new to rekindle the fire of their connection, even if it’s just bringing out the good old trusty toy box. Variety and curiosity about each other’s needs is key. Think outside the box when it comes to sex toys, and you’ll be sure to be met with rewards.