My friend, you’ve come to me with a question about how to pump just the head of your penis.​ I get this question a lot and I’m more than happy to get into it.​

First things first, let’s take a look at why you would even want to do this.​ To some, it might seem a silly exercise – why focus on just the head of your Penis Rings – it’s only a small surface area! But this is a rather outdated concept and is not necessarily accurate.​ The head of your penis is packed with nerve endings, so it’s definitely worth your time and energy to give it some attention.​

Now, when it comes to getting started, you don’t need any fancy gadgets or any kind of special training.​ All you need is your own two hands.​ That’s right – simply get your hands around your penis and start massaging the head with moderate pressure.​ Do this regularly and your head will thank you by increasing blood flow to the area, leading to nicer sensations.​

It’s important to note that in order for this technique to work, you must remain mindful of the pressure that you’re applying.​ Too much pressure can cause the tightness in the penis to increase, limiting blood circulation which could be counter-productive.​ The key is to find a comfortable level of pressure that feels like a massage.​

Once you’ve found the right pressure, you can start experimenting with different strokes.​ Run your fingers over the head of your penis in a circular motion to stimulate the nerves.​ You can also try cupping the head in your hand and making small pumping-like motions to increase blood flow further.​

If this is all sounding too gentle for you, no worries! Once you’ve got a good feel for the basics, you can begin introducing some of the more aggressive techniques.​ Start squeezing the head in a vice-like grip and, if you can handle the intensity, increase that grip to increase the sensations in the area.​

Now, some people like to add vibration to the process as well.​ Vibrators applied to the head of your penis can lead to intense sensations, as long as you adjust the settings to make sure that the intensity doesn’t exceed your comfort level.​

It’s also possible to add weights to the process.​ Weights help increase blood flow to the area but, as always, make sure that it isn’t too heavy.​ Once you start feeling uncomfortable, ease up and take your time getting used to it.​

And that’s pretty much the basics on how to pump just the head of your penis.​ You don’t need any fancy equipment, just your own two hands.​ Make sure to find a comfortable pressure level, experiment with different strokes, and add in weights and vibration if you want some extra intensity.​ As long as you take your time and remain mindful of your own pleasure, you can reap the benefits that come with such a stimulating technique.​