nalone oxy male masturbator review

When it comes to masturbators, I’ve recently been trying out the Nalone Oxy Male Masturbator.​ As a guy with an insatiable appetite for pleasure, I wanted to see what all the hype was about.​ “How amazing could this product be?” I asked.​ Turns out, it was pretty incredible!

At first, I hesitated at the price tag.​ But as soon as I opened up the beautiful packaging, I knew that this toy was worth every penny.​ Even the box was designed with a sleek, masculine look — a sage green and black combination that seeks to maintain an element of sophistication and privacy.​

The main highlight of this toy is its unique vibration pattern.​ It’s like no other I’ve ever felt before — a combination of warming and intensifying vibrations that feels like a real-life massage.​ Plus, the buttons are conveniently located at the bottom of the device, allowing you to change up the rhythm whenever you feel like.​

Not to mention, it’s very easy to clean and maintain.​ The material is waterproof and with a few quick wipes, it’s just about ready to go for a second session.​ If you’re someone like me who likes to use this toy on the go, you can rest assured as it is very compact and discreet.​

The one thing that really impressed me though was the unique design.​ One end has a bulbous head, with ridges near the base to provide intense stimulation.​ The other end has an ergonomic handle that fits nicely in your palm for ease of use.​ And the material is super soft and velvety to the touch — a real pleasure to experience.​

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Nalone Oxy Male Masturbator.​ I’ve used it several times now and enjoy it more and more with each session.​ Sure, it’s pricey, but sometimes you don’t want to skimp on quality, and this toy certainly doesn’t disappoint.​

Now that I’m familiar with the basics of the Nalone Oxy Male Masturbator, let’s explore its features in greater depth.​ For starters, the vibrations offered by the device are remarkably powerful.​ The remote control lets you cycle through a variety of intensities, from a gentle massage to a more intense, vibrators toe-curling sensation.​ Plus, the device is compatible with bluetooth and WiFi, so you can connect it with your phone or PC for even more control – great if you’re in the mood to experiment.​

Another great feature of this toy is its silicone construction.​ This makes it gentle and safe to use on your most sensitive areas, and it is also much easier to clean than other materials.​ Plus, the toy is completely waterproof so you can take it into the shower or bathtub without worrying about any damage.​

The shape of the toy is also well-suited to provide maximum satisfaction.​ The bulbous head is designed to mimic a real Penis Rings, with its ridges providing waves of pleasure as it is thrust inside you.​ In addition, the handle of the toy is the perfect size for a secure grip and an easier insertion.​

One of my favorite features of the Nalone Oxy male masturbator is the fact that it is USB-rechargeable.​ This means you won’t have to worry about buying and replacing batteries whenever your toy starts to run low on energy.​ The LED indicator on the body of the toy also helps you keep track of the battery life and adjust your play accordingly.​

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Nalone Oxy male masturbator.​ It has managed to combine convenience, safety, and pleasure all in one.​ I would highly recommend this toy for anyone who is looking for something that is both high-quality and versatile.​