Are You Drunk Can Cooler


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Keep your canned drink cold 3x longer with our Superkoldie x HUSTLER can cooler.  It is 4 inches tall and 3.25 inches wide.  This can cooler fits standard 12 ounce cans to 16 ounce cans.  It is made of PVC foam.  The “Are You Drunk” design is hilarious and a party favorite.   The side has a Party Starter Button that will easily allow you to shotgun your preferred drink.  Sip your drink slow and keep it cool or puncture your can with the Party Starter Button and guzzle your drink from the tab as fast as you can.  

The Party Starter Button should be facing away from you, from the can opening.  Pull the tab, crack the can, and lift the beer to your lips, tilting your head back.  In one swift, deft motion, press the spring loaded button and all of the beer will slide down your throat in seconds flat.  This is a reverse shotgun, drinking from the open tab of the can as the beer gods intended.

No need to rush! You can also enjoy your favorite beverage at your leisure time.  Our can coolers will keep your drink cold as you sip it.  Please drink responsibly.  

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