Autoblow 2+ XT with Size B Sleeve



The Blowjob Machine just got better! Autoblow 2+ was a success so it has been upgraded to make your experience even more pleasurable. Autoblow 2+ XT provides a realistic, partner-free blowjob experience. Sleeve is removable for easy cleaning.

The Autoblow 2+ is a game changer! Lube up the toy with water based lubricant. Hold it in place and insert the penis.  Turn on the toy by scrolling the power button on. Once inside, the penis feels a tight grip around it. Beads stroke up and down around the sleeve, creating a tight seal around the penis.  As the beads stroke up and down it creates a sucking sensation.  The suction makes the sleeve pull tighter around the penis.  It feels like the real deal or better.  This toy has an endless supply of power.  Interchangeable sleeves are sold separately.

New Autoblow Features:

  • XT=Extra Tight. A tighter grip means you’ll enjoy a more realistic sensation. 
  • New, stronger springs keep it tighter during use. 
  • 5 spring loaded grippers. The new mechanism grips your entire shaft for easier orgasms. 

    *Comes with Size B Mouth Sleeve. Shop additional sleeve sizes here. 

    • Size A fits: 3” – 4” girth | All lengths
    • Size B fits: 4” – 5.5” girth | All lengths
    • Size C fits: 5.5” – 6.5” girth | All lengths

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