B-Vibe Snug Plug 3 Large



The Snug Plug 3 by B-Vibe is a weighted anal plug made for intermediate to advanced individuals.  It weighs 180 grams.  It was designed for a feeling of fullness.  This plug is 5.1 inches long, 1.48 inches wide, and has 4.7 inches of insertable length.  It is coated with seamless silicone material.  Snug plug 3 is 100% waterproof.  

Snug Plug 3 has 2 weighted balls inside to keep the plug centered.  It has a 1 centimeter wide neck for comfort.  It was made to comfortably wear for a long period of time.  Its flared base sits between the cheeks and anchors the plug from getting lost inside.  

This plug’s torpedo design was made to stimulate the inner walls of the anal cavity.  Its weighted center and soft edges adds a pleasurable sensation for its user.  Snug Plug 3 can be worn solo or during sex with a partner.

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This product has a 1 year warranty through B-Vibe.

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