Bathmate Hydromax 5 Penis Pump



The Hydromax 5 by Bathmate is a penis pump that uses both air and water pressure.  This model was designed for individuals whose erect penis length is up to 5 inches long.  The Hydromax 5 is powerful and comfortable to use.    

It has a bellows pump system designed to be durable, powerful, and flexible.  Hydromax 5 is efficient and comfortable to use.  The bellows are long and have less internal curves and edges. 

Its removable pad creates a strong seal for better suction.  This allows less air out, cutting down the amount of pumping time.  It makes Hydromax 5 comfortable.  An inner tubing in this padding stops the penis from contacting the bellows.  It also ensures the testicles don’t slip into the pump as you are using it.  The padding is removable for hygienic purposes.  

Hydromax 5 has a valve that controls the flow of water outside the pump.  It was redesigned to close easily, even while filling it with water.  This prevents water from escaping the pump.  You can even do it one handed! This valve holds pressure longer and ensures that you don’t over pump.  

Hydropumps by Bathmate are amazing.  They build stronger erections by forcing more blood flow into your genital area.  Using this device daily well ensure long lasting results.

The Hydromax 5 is recommended for individuals whose erect penis length is up to 5 inches long.

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