Bathmate Hydromax 7 Penis Pump



The Hydromax 7 by Bathmate is an upgraded penis pump designed for use in the bath or shower.  Compared to its predecessor, Hydro 7, it pumps stronger and gets you harder quicker.  Hydromax 7 was made for penis sizes between 5 and 7 inches.  

The all new bellows system gives Hydromax 7 its stronger ability to pump, durability, and 35% more power with flexibility.  It is longer without more internal curves, making Hydromax 7 even more comfortable to use.  

It has a new removable comfort pad.  This comfort pad allows your Hydromax 7 to have a tighter and more comfortable seal against the body.  This reduces suction loss and cuts down on the amount of pumps performed.  Inside is a rigid inner tube.  This tube prevents your penis from colliding with the bellows and your testicles from entering the hydropump.  This comfort pad is removable for easy cleaning.

 The Hydromax 7 has a new superflow latch valve.  This valve controls the flow of water outside of the hydropump.  Now the valve can be closed while filling the pump.  It’s so easy it can be done with one hand.  It also holds pressure longer.  This new valve and easy design maximizes your results.

Hydromax improves penile health.  It helps with blood flow.  It is recommended by doctors and was clinically tested.  Hydromax was built to improve your erection size and hardness.

The Hydromax 7 is recommended for individuals whose erect penis length is between 5 and 7 inches.

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