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The Hydromax 9 by Bathmate is a water and air pressurized penis pump.  It was designed to be used in the bath or shower.  It is stronger than its predecessor, the Hydro 7.  This pump is bigger and better, catering to individuals with an erect penis length between 7 and 9 inches.  It will help you increase the size and quality of your erection.  

Hydromax 9 is the largest model in the Hydromax series.  It was enhanced for more convenience and even better results.  Its new enhancement includes a new bellows pump.  This new pump is more durable, more powerful, easier to pump, and is now more flexible for your comfort.  It is longer with less internal curves making it more comfortable to use.  

A new removable comfort pad was added.  The pad creates a tighter seal against the skin.  This minimizes suction loss and cuts your pump time down with maximized results.  The pad is comfortable and it keeps the penis from contacting the bellows.  This padding also keeps the testicles from entering the hydropump.  This pad is removable for hygienic cleaning. 

A new superflow latch valve was installed into the Hydromax 9.  This valve controls the flow of water out of the Hydromax 9.  The pump can now be closed as it is being filled.  This prevents water from escaping.  It can be done one handed.  This hydropump valve holds pressure longer than its predecessor.  It also ensures you don’t over pump. 

The measuring guide is labeled with both inches and centimeters so you can track your progress every time you pump.  Hydromax 9 is easy to clean and easy to store.  Wash it with toy cleaner in warm water and store in a dry place.

Using your hydropump once a day for a month will enhance blood flow to your groin and build a stronger erection.  Hydropumps work out your member.  It may increase sensitivity and your stamina during performances.   

The Hydromax 9 is recommended for individuals whose erect penis length is between 7 and 9 inches.

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