Because Boobs Can Cooler


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Take your party to the next level with Superkoldie x HUSTLER Can Coolers.  “Because Boobs” is hilarious and will stand out at any party.  These can coolers are 4 inches tall and 3.25 inches wide.  It is made of PVC foam, insulating your drink to keep it cold 3 times longer.  It has a Party Starter Button on the side.  Experience drinking your beer in reverse shotgun.  

Hold the can cooler with the Party Starter Button away from you.  The can’s open tab should be facing you, tilted towards your lips.  In one swift motion push the Party Starter into the can.  Beer should rush out of the open tab quickly.  Your beverage was meant to be consumed through the open tab, not sipped on through the Party Starter.  This is the reverse shotgun experience.

You don’t have to rush drinking your beverage.  These can coolers will keep your drink cold 3 hours longer.  Relax and enjoy it leisurely.  Please drink responsibly.

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