Booty Bling Gem Anal Plug Small



There are a couple things to look for in a beginner anal plug: size, material, shape, and how it makes you feel.  You want to be comfortable your first time.  Booty Bling Gem in size small is 3 inches long, 1.2 inches wide, and 2.6 inches of insertable length.  It is made of body safe, smooth silicone.  It is tapered at the tip for ease of use.  This plug is small and pretty.  You want a toy that makes you excited to try it! With its tapered end it can be gently pushed back and forth against the anal sphincter to relax it.  Once eased in, the muscle relaxes around the narrow neck, keeping it snug between the opening and the plug anchored inside.  The flared base with the pretty gem keeps the toy from getting lost inside.  Once in place, the real fun can start.  Pair this toy with a partner or a vibrator to stimulate the areas around it.  This can be a new addition to your playtime routine. 

This product has a 90 day warranty, honored by Doc Johnson. Please click here to file a warranty claim. 

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