CalExotics Ultimate Cleansing System Anal Douche



The Ultimate Cleansing System Anal Douche by CalExotics was made for easy use.  This douche is beginner friendly.  Its silicone body is soft, flexible, and easy to squeeze.  The nozzle is ergonomically contoured and leak free.  The nozzle flexes and has a tapered tip for easy insertion.  This douche can hold up to 9.5 fl. oz./280 ml.

To use, fill the contoured system with your preferred liquid cleanser and screw the tip back on. Direct the nozzle for optimal cleansing, and squeeze the pliable bulb to release a refreshing jet of cleansing fluid. Before and after use, disassemble the cleaner by twisting the leak-free screw mount, and clean with mild soapy water.


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