Doc Johnson Tryst V2




  • Now bendable, more ways to use it!
  • 3 vibrating motors
  • Remote controlled
  • USB Rechargeable


This multi-function vibrator can hit many erogenous zones.  Adjust it however you want  by bending the silicone heads.  Clamp it around nipples.  Press the two prongs together to create a g-spot/p-spot vibrator.  Twist the heads around each other to create a probe.  Use it as a cock-ring around penises or dildos.  It has a 3rd motor to stimulate the prostate externally and the perineum when used around a penis.  The 3rd motor can also be used as a flat vibrating surface for clitoral and labial stimulation.  There are many erogenous zones to explore using this massager.  

Tryst V2 comes with a remote! Users can control all the vibrations with a click of 2 buttons.  Play a game and wear it out.  Discreetly change the speeds and functions.  Use the remote in the bedroom to change the vibrations between you and your partner.

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