Fetish Fantasy Black Glass Ben-Wa Balls Medium



Strengthen your kegel muscles with these borosilicate glass ben-wa balls.  Borosilicate glass adapts to heat well and is shatterproof.  These ben-wa balls are hypoallergenic and hygienic.  Its surface is non-porous so bacteria cannot grow inside of it.  It is 1.25 inch in width.   These ben-wa balls are used as a weight to strengthen the kegel muscles.  Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles/kegel muscles prevents urinary incontinence and promotes more frequent and stronger orgasms.  

The balls are inserted and the vaginal muscles focus on lifting the weights.  Larger kegel balls are perfect for beginners as they are easier to tighten around.  Smaller and heavier kegel balls are for intermediate to advanced users.

Glass toys can be warmed up or cooled down in warm or ice water.  Dipping the weights in ice or warm water adds temperature sensation as they are inserted.  

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