Fetish Fantasy Black Glass Ben-Wa Balls Small



These Glass Ben-Wa Balls are made from borosilicate glass.  It is 1 inches in width.  This type of glass does not shatter and adapts to heat well.  Ben-wa balls are used for vaginal stimulation and kegel exercises.  Once inside, the vagina moves the glass balls up and down like weights.  This works out the muscle to make it stronger.  Stronger contractions of the muscles create stronger and more frequent orgasms.  

Run the ben-wa balls under warm water before use for a warm sensation.  Dip them in ice cold water before use to enjoy a chilly sensation.  Wash the toy with toy cleaner before and after use.  These glass ben-wa balls can be boiled for up to 3 minutes for sterilization.  They are hypoallergenic and hygienic due to its non-porous surface.  These kegel balls will last a lifetime with proper care. 

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