Fleshlight Joanna Angel Misfit



Joanna Angel is one of the founders of alt porn and Burning Angel.  She is known for her hot body with sexy tattoos.  Joanna Angel created a space that is engaging and giving her fans what they want to see.  She keeps them on her toes and pushes limits and boundaries, making them beg for more.  

Experience Joana Angel with the Misfit by Fleshlight.  This realistic masturbation sleeve has micro-ribs, lotus-node full of teeth, bumps and nubs.  It is molded directly from Joana Angel herself.  This sleeve is made of SuperSkin material.  It stretches and warms to your touch.  It feels soft and realistic.  Its hard ABS casing keeps Misfit free from dust and has a bottom cap that adjusts the suction pressure of the sleeve as you pump into it.  This sleeve is compatible with water based lubricant.   Enjoy watching Joanna Angel as you pump into her sleeve.

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