Fun Factory Blow & Glow Kit



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Think there’s no such thing as a perfect gift? This limited edition gift set is perfect for solo pleasure or even dual partner action. Fun Factory Blow & Glow Kit is limited edition! It include the classic vibrating stoker Manta, the new NOS vibrating cockring, hair scrunchie, and a massage candle, making it the perfect gift for couples. The Manta, known to be ideal for couples, this stroker can vibrate in targeted areas with its 6 different vibration patterns. Let the wings wrap your shaft or head to up your stroke game! Uniquely designed shape may also be ideal for clitoral pleasure. If used together with a partner, you can use Manta to amp up a blowjob to shake things up. Manta is 100% waterproof and and is USB rechargeable.

This kit also comes with the Fun Factory Nos. This oblong shaped cock ring is initially designed for couples but can definitely provide solo pleasure. This 3 inch long, 1.3 in wide cock ring has 4 speeds. Nos keeps the penis erect longer.  Its flexible wings surround the clitoral area and massages from all sides.  It has dual motor vibrations.  It has an innovative touch control so you can change its speed in the heat of the moment for spontaneous and wild time. NOS can also be used as a finger vibrator and is compatible for simultaneous oral pleasure. Since this is a cockring, it can definitely be worn by a partner with a penis during penetration. You can flip the extenders either up or down for partner pleasure. Naturally, Nos makes for a perfect foreplay toy for massaging the nipples, inner thigh, or hand jobs. Nos is waterproof and is USB rechargeable.

Set the mood and tie your hair up, this is going to be a moment to remember.  Burn the soy candle on a safe and even surface.  Dim or turn off the lights.  Let the scents of rosewood, chamomile, and ylang ylang tickle your senses.  When the soy wax melts pour it directly on to your hands or body.  Take the time to massage each other.  Use Manta around the penis and testicles at a low speed and work your way up and down gently.  Use your mouth to follow the rhythm of Manta for a mind blowing blow job.  Manta can also be used under the chin to make your mouth vibrate for cunnilingus. Manta will turn your lips and tongue into the ultimate vibrator. Take turns and slip Nos around the shaft of the penis or dildo when you are ready for dual-stimulating penetration.

These toys have 2 year warranties through Fun Factory.

Additional pieces have been added to this kit like a special Fun Factory candle and a hair scrunchie. 

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