Gender X Powerhouse



Let the power rest in your hands with the Gender X Powerhouse. This strong and powerful vibrator gets into the right spot with the loop handle. There are 12 different stimulating speeds and functions that come equipped in the Powerhouse. The velvety and soft silicone is body safe, water submersible, and waterproof. The wavy and textured shaft eases into your body with a lovely grip as you make your way into your pleasure points. As you begin to discover the beauty of the powerful motor, use the flexible shaft and the loop handle to maneuver the Powerhouse. The 8.5 inch body with 2.09 inch width allows for an insertable length of 6.5 inches. Don’t let your pleasurable moments end by utilizing the USB charging cable. With its 12 speeds and textured shaft, you’ll wield all the power in the Gender X Powerhouse.


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