GI Jane Fantasy Love Doll



The GI Jane Fantasy Love Doll by NextGen Dolls is a life size sex doll.  GI Jane is realistic to touch.  She is made of TPE material, a stretchy, squishy, and soft material.  She is 5’4 tall (65 inches).  GI Jane comes with a hat, 2 dog tags, crop top, blonde wig, and shorts.

This realistic doll’s material warms to your touch as you use it.  It has a soft and fleshy texture that can also stretch when pulled.  Her nipples and breasts are supple and voluptuous.  They bounce and jiggle as you pound into her, making her dog tags chime as they hit against each other. 

This doll has 3 penetrable orifices: oral, vaginal, and anal openings.  All 3 have textured inner linings.  All 3 holes can also be stretched open.  They are crafted with attention to detail.  Her lips are soft and thick.  Feel her lips wrapped around you as you penetrate her mouth.  Her labia spread open with a protruding clitoris.  The pink coloring makes her look aroused and ready.  Use water based lubricant liberally.

Pose this Love Doll in any position you desire.  Stand her up, bend her over, spread her wide open, or pose her in the sweetest pose you can think of.  The possibilities are endless. 

Dress up GI Jane in any outfit.  She comes equipped with her own clothes, but you can dress her in lingerie or any outfit you think would look great on her.  She is a size 7 in shoe size in case you want to dress her up completely with shoes.

GI Jane will make your commanding officer fantasies come true.  If you take care of her, she will take care of you.


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