Glas Quintessence Beaded Glass Anal Slider



The Glas Quintessence Beaded Glass Anal Slider is hard, durable, and smooth as silk. Properly lubed, this toy becomes incredibly slick making it perfect for working one’s way to bigger anal adventures. Our unique droplet beaded design is perfect for increasing levels of anal penetration and pleasure. The Quintessence Beaded Anal Slider features a hi-durability handle for greater control and easy retrieval. Each bulbous section is sure to deliver exquisite stimulation when inserted, as well as when it is pulled out. You may also experiment with temperature play by heating or cooling this pleasure product with water. 

Featuring graduated sized bulbs, fracture-resistant and hypoallergenic, the Quintessence Beaded Anal Slider is made to last through repeat use and makes a fun toy to share with a partner. Glass is a nonporous material, which means not only is it easy to clean, but it also doesn’t harbor bacteria. Make anal a breeze by using your favorite lube with this toy, which is compatible with all lubricants. 


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