GoodHead Helping Head Pro



Level up on your blowjob game with the GoodHead Helping Head Pro.  This super soft, flexible sleeve is 3 inches long and 1.75 inches wide.  It is made with Doc Johnson’s ULTRASKYN material.  ULTRASKYN is soft and stretchy.  The inner lining of this sleeve is textured with bumps. 

Add a little flavored water based lubricant into the sleeve.  Gently insert the penis and stroke the sleeve up, down, and in twisting up and down motions.  Stimulate the head of the penis with your mouth gently as the sleeve works its way up and down.  Stroke the sleeve around the head of the penis and down around the shaft.  This sleeve will help anyone with a gag reflex, you won’t be gagging anymore.  Bring them close to the edge of orgasm then slow down.  Repeat this until they can’t hold it in anymore.

This product has a 90 day warranty, honored through the manufacturer. To make a warranty claim, please click here.

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