Icicles No 47 Glass Beaded Plug Clear



 Icicles No.47 is a glass beaded anal plug.  It has 3 beads of gradual size.  It is 3.5 inches of insertable length, included the neck of the plug.  The largest bead is 1 inch wide.  This plug is made of Borosilicate glass.  It is shatter proof and body safe.  The surface of this toy is non-porous.  It is hygienic because bacteria can not grow inside of it.  The toy can also be boiled to sterilize the surface.  

Each bead was made to excited the anal sphincter.  Pushing the first bead back and forth gently against the anal sphincter will allow it to relax.  The second bead can be gently rocked in as the user grows comfortable to the first bead.  Once fully in, the anal sphincter relaxes around the neck of the plug.  This toy can be used during sex for double penetration or for prostate stimulation.  

The design of the anchor of the plug was made to fit comfortably between the cheeks.  This toy can be used during temperature play by running or dipping the toy in hot or ice cold water.  Icicles has perfected their craft to make these toys look like pieces of art.


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