Kookie International Suede Loop Flogger



Reward and punish your submissive with this Suede Loop Flogger by Kookie International.  These Suede Loop Floggers feel luxurious to touch.  It is made with quality genuine suede leather.  This flogger weighs 1 pound.  Each flogger has 40 17.5 inch leather loop tassels.  It has an easy grip 9 inch handle with leather loop, so that it doesn’t fly out of your hand.  

This flogger can handle delivering soft to hard and heavy blows.  Its contrasting weights between the handle and long tassels allows you to deliver efficient and delightful hits.    Its weighted loops feel amazing when it makes contact with skin. 

Tie up your lover with restraints to build up their excitement.  Drag the flogger across your lover’s body.  Deliver light to heavy blows, then sooth it with the heavy tassels.

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