Le Wand Feel My Power 2021 9pc Set



This Feel My Power 2021 Wand, Jade Purple Brown Edition, is a symbol of stepping into our power as women.  It is about feeling confident and strong as role models, leaders, and symbols of strength.  It is a Special Edition Le Wand Wand Massager.

Jade Purple Brown is a New York based artist who uses vibrant colors, optimistic messages, and strong figures to create new worlds of empowerment and individuality.  Brown’s work spans through design, illustration, and creative direction, attracting a wide range of global clients. 

The Le Wand FMP 2021 Set comes with a full sized FMP Wand, magnet set, keychain, FMP sticker, nail stickers, pleasure guide, “Do It For Your Self” bolo tie, note card set, and FMP travel bag.  The FMP 2021 Wand is 13 inches long and 2.25 inches wide.  It has a medical grade silicone head and ABS body-safe plastic handle.  It has 3 buttons to increase, decrease, and change the vibration patterns.  There are 20 patterns to play with.

The FMP 2021 Wand is rechargeable.  It has a bendable neck to apply pressure however you want it.  Its colors are bold and vibrant in purple with metallic raspberry accents.  It features boldly colored women to represent role models, confidence, and the strength of women united.  

This wand is compatible with only water based lubricant.  Store it in its travel bag after washing and drying to keep dust off of it.

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