Liberator Fascinator Travel Throw



Have all the fun without even messing up the bed. The absorbent and clean Liberator Fascinator Travel Throw is at a smaller, travel size blanket to jeep you or partner warm without ruin the sheets. The ultra soft plush material feels nice as it gently brushes on the skin and provides a warming comfort. Do all your bedroom freaky activities, including with a partner. The microfiber is specially lined with a special barrier that soaks up all your messy wet spots, fluids, and water. Feel free to make all the mess you can as this blanket is made to conceal it all. This blanket is easy to wash so every messy situation can be have a clean slate and ready for another. The length is 53 inches of length and 36 inches of width make it simple for traveling as you make you sex expeditions to other locations. It won’t hurt to get something that will clean up your squirt such as the Liberator Fascinator Travel Throw. 

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