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The Lovense Diamo is a strong Bluetooth vibrating cockring that stimulates the perineum.  It is made of Body-Safe Silicone.  It has a 2.55 inch wide ring with a 1.75+ inch diameter.  Diamo is 5.24 inches long and 1.3 inches wide at its vibrating tip.  It is USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof.  It is app and cam-software compatible.  Control or give someone control from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet.

Diamo is ergonomically shaped to give longer lasting erections and helps boost your sexual stamina.  The ring constricts the veins of the penis to keep more blood in the vessels.  It is comfortable and hugs the base of the shaft.  The curved head of Diamo targets its wearer’s perineum.  It stimulates the prostate from the outside.  Its strong vibrations penetrate through the tissue and muscle layer to target those deep nerve endings.  Its textured nubs on the inner cup of the head provides more direct stimulation from the vibrator.  Added stimulation creates better orgasms.

Diamo can be worn in multiple ways.  The head can be positioned on top of the penis facing the receiver.  It stimulates the clitoris as the wearer thrusts and grinds against their partner.  Position the head below, facing towards the receiver, to cradle the testicles and give them some excitement.  

Use Diamo solo, during sex, or long-distance.  When connected to the app you can change the vibration speeds and create your own patterns.  Invite a partner to play with you and tease you however they desire. 

Although Diamo has a powerful vibrator, it can be used discreetly in public.  Diamo is cam-software compatible.  Enjoy long distance stimulation with your lover on cam and stay connected wherever, whenever.

Lovense now features Speed Mode! An exciting new function that allows your Lovense toy to react to your movement. When Speed Mode is activated, with increased movement, the strength of vibration will increase. With decreased movement, the strength will decrease.  Wear Diamo on your daily walks to amp up the excitement.

This product has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty through Lovense.  Please read warranty regulations first.  Click here to visit Lovense’s warranty page.

Please note: This item is not eligible for discounts or promotions due to manufacturer pricing policies


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