Lovense Hush Bluetooth Vibrating Butt Plug



Hush by Lovense is a powerful Bluetooth vibrating butt plug.  Connect it to the Lovense Remote app and explore endless vibrations from voice control to long distance remote.  This plug is made of silicone material.  It has a tapered tip, bulbous body, and narrow neck.  The small is 1.5 inches wide and the large is 1.75 inches wide.  It is USB rechargeable and IPX7 waterproof.

The vibrations of this plug will thrill your inner walls and even stimulate the prostate, for persons with a prostate.  The vibrations travel deep into the muscle layer.  It triggers nerve endings that will make your toes curl and have you gripping the sheets.

Hush was made for all genders.  Its tapered tip guides the plug in.  The narrow neck and flared base keeps the plug anchored.  Wear it during sex or solo play.

Connect Hush to the Lovense Remote App to create your own vibration patterns, sync vibration to your favorite tunes, and give your lover access to control your vibrating plug.

Lovense now features Speed Mode! An exciting new function that allows your Lovense toy to react to your movement. When Speed Mode is activated, with increased movement, the strength of vibration will increase. With decreased movement, the strength will decrease. This makes Hush a great interactive toy. Take it for a walk around the block to experience this interactive feature.

    This product has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty through Lovense.  Please read warranty regulations first.  Click here to visit Lovense’s warranty page.

    Please note: This item is not eligible for discounts or promotions due to manufacturer pricing policies

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