Master Series Queening Chair



Find yourself the Queen (or King) of the bedroom. Now you can sit on your partner’s face with ease using the Queening Chair by Master Series.  It is 27 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 13 inches tall.  It is made of wood, PU leather, and metal.  The top has a comfortable cushion to sit on with an 11 inch by 8 inch face hole.  Inside rests a head hammock that wraps and secures outside the box.  One person lays their head inside while their lover sits comfortably on the box above the face hole.  The adjustable head keeps your partner nestled against your body while providing support for your extended sessions. Stool comes with attachments to attach your favorite wrist restraints for added control. 

The chair is delivered pre-assembled.  

The Queening Chair has a 30 day warranty with XR Brands. Please read the returns and warranty requirements before contacting XR Brands. Click here for XR Brands warranty information.

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