Mighty Grip Dance Pole Grip


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 Mighty Grip Dance Pole Formula keeps your hands dry for a better grip.  This pole grip allows you to make your sexy moves on the pole without your hand slipping.  It keeps your hands free from sweat.  It is made with Mighty Grip’s special blend. 

This pole grip comes in a 0.25 ounce bottle.  It lasts for hours and has up to 150 applications per bottle.  A little bit goes a long way.

Apply it on to clean and dry hands for best results.  Body heat from your hands activates Mighty Grip.  It reduces hand fatigue by improved grip.

This pole grip is so popular it is hard to keep in stock.  We recommend purchasing more than one at a time to have a back up.

Ingredients: Paraffin, Cab-O-Sil, Mighty Grip special blend.


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