Mistress Urethral Sound Trainer Set



This Urethral Sound Trainer Set comes from the Isabella Sinclaire Signature Collection.  These sounding rods stretch the urethral opening of the penis.  Each rod comes with 2 ends with different sizes.  They are 8 inches long, 0.38 inches wide, 0.34 inches wide, 0.32 inches wide, 0.27 inches wide, 0.23 inches wide, and 0.19 inches wide.  These sounding rods are made of premium silicone material.  They are non-porous, easy to sterilize, and very hygienic.  

Each sounding rod provides a soft and flexible stretch, compared to metal sounding rods.  Use water based lubricant with these silicone rods.  Start from the smallest width rod and ease your way up to the largest sounding rod.


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