MotoVibe Apex Cockring



The MotoVibe Apex Cockring by Sport Fucker is a perineum stimulating, vibrating cockring.  Compared to other silicone rings, this cockring was designed not to stretch.  It works like a rigid or metal ring.  It is made of quality silicone material and is 1.9 inches wide.  Apex is USB rechargeable and waterproof.

Apex enhances the erection by gripping the base of the penis.  Insert your flaccid shaft and or testicles through the ring.  As the erection grows, the ring grips the base.  It’s teardrop side and ring delivers vibration to the perineum, testicles, and shaft of the penis. 

It has 10 custom vibration patterns to play with.  This cockring delivers a wide range of vibration.  It has a powerful motor and quickly charges.  Wear this ring during sex or masturbation.


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