Naughty Nubbies



Naughty Nubbies by Power Bullet is a textured clitoral vibrator.  This little vibrator has a silicone sleeve with an ABS plastic bullet.  It is 3.5 inches long and 0.75 inches wide. Naughty Nubbies are USB rechargeable and waterproof.  It has 9 vibrating functions to play with.

This vibrator has a textured curved tip.  The silicone nubbies are soft and bendy.  Vibrations travel from the bullet to these textured tips.  It massages all sensitive areas such as the nipples, clitoris,  labia, shaft, scrotum, or head of the penis.

Slip your finger into the silicone sleeve’s loop.  This makes using Naughty Nubbies a hands free experience.  It can be used for solo masturbation or to stimulate you or your partner during sex.  Use plenty of water based lubricant to enhance your experience.

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