Neva Nude Net Holographic Star Body Pasties



Get in touch with your inner celestial being with these Net Holographic Star Body Pasties by Neva Nude.  Reach for the stars and position them on all the areas of your body you want to draw attention to.  Design your own top with 4 nipple pasties, 9 small stars, and 12 mini stars.  These pasties cover the nipples, breasts, legs, and booty.  The larger stars are 3.25 inches long and wide.  The smaller stars are 1.75 inches long and wide.  They are made of swimsuit material.  Dive into the pool with them, these shooting stars are waterproof.  They are made with latex-free, body safe adhesive.  These stars are perfect for your red carpet event, clubs, concerts, and more!

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