NextGen Dolls Legs & Derriere



The NextGen Dolls Legs & Derriere is a masturbation body form with long legs and a big booty!  This body form is 43 inches tall and 19.5 inches wide.  It is made with soft TPE material.  It comes with a stainless steel stand.  This body form weighs 60 pounds.

 Pose its soft Legs & Derriere however you like.  Bend it over, stand it up, or lay it down.  It can be dressed up in your favorite lingerie from crotchless panties to garter belts and stockings.  

Its legs are long with wide hips.  It can be posed in doggy style position to view both the vaginal and anal openings.  Its large booty allows you to enjoy soft and bouncy material to pound against.  

These thick Legs & Derriere can be mounted on its stand and adjusted to any height.  Bend it over and enter it from behind.  It has realistically textured vagina and anal textures.  These holes can be spread open and pushed together however you like.

Lubricate its entrances with water based lubricant and pound into any hole you desire.  Finish inside, finish on its luscious booty, or its soft feet.  You will love the texture and feel of the NextGen Dolls Legs & Derriere.

Stockings, panties, & garter belt sold separately.


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