OxBalls Jerk Masturbator



  • Raised and ribbed texture provides extra stimulation
  • Easy Clean-up
  • Stretchy and flexible

Enjoy sloppy wet blow jobs? We thought so. Experience the same sensation without the partner. Lightly lube the inside of the toy with your favorite water-based lubricant and squeeze the air out for an increased suction sensation on your hard cock. Stroke away for orgasmic bliss; adjusting your speed, twisting your wrist and squeezing the walls of the masturbator will provide amazing sensations mimicking the best sloppy wet blow job you’ve ever received, 

The Jerk is made from Skinflex TPR, which is a squishy, stretchy rubber material. Simply to use, just grab the sleeve, apply lubricant and away you go. Masturbating with the Oxballs Jerk is a pleasure, thanks to its hourglass shape.

The Jerk has a rounded, bulbous tip; a wide, flat base and a narrow middle. There is also a ribbed texture designed on the outside of the sleeve. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the shape and external texture actually provide some practical benefits. The jerk will stretch quite dramatically to comfortably and completely envelop most penises. 

To provide extra stimulation during use, the canal contains a raised, ribbed texture. This starts at the entrance and continues through to the end of the sleeve. For an increase in the intensity feeling, you can squeeze the walls for a noticeable increase in stimulation, or remove all the air for a constant suction-like sensation. This unique must-have toy will give a pleasurable experience your sure to enjoy.

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