Oxballs Tri Sport Cocksling



  • Erection enhancer
  • Stretchy and comfortable
  • Easy Clean-up

TRI-SPORT is the new futuristic sportsling 

It’s made up of 3 conjoined cockrings that grip your penis, balls, and the base of your shaft. It feels just like a  hand wrapped snug around your swollen package.

TRI-SPORT is modeled after traditional steel tri-cockrings but without all the discomfort and rigid material, no worrying about pinching metal or trying to wrestle your hard cock into a too tight steel contraption.

It’s made from blubbery FLEX-TPR so it molds to your meat and stretches to fit your junk just right.

TRI-SPORT’s unique versatile design lets you choose how you wear it. You can pull your balls through the wider opening and have more grip on your penis or mix it up if you’ve got a huge member and tight balls or anything in between.

You can even pull your sack through the sides and use it as a ball-separator.

The dual sensation of squeeze around your sweaty ballsack and bulging penis will have you cumming time and time again.

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