Oxballs Unit-X Stretch Cocksling



  • Erection enhancer
  • Stretchy and comfortable
  • Easy Clean-up

The Oxballs Unit-X Stretch is made from TPR which makes it stretchy and moderately squishy. It is an incredibly effect cocksling and ball stretcher that helps you achieve fantastic orgasms. The Unit-X Stretch is designed so that it has an inner ring which keeps pretty much all balls pushed firmly down. This is the case even with tight, large, or high-hanging balls. Makes balls more pronounced and adds an extra “oomph”,  to give more pleasure to your partner during sex. Also boost intensity of climax.  Once in use the Unit-X Stretch makes the user’s balls and shaft look amazingly appealing, especially the balls. Providing quite the erotic eye candy to arouse your partner and give yourself all the confidence you need to perform. The Unit-X Stretch is well-designed, well-executed and does exactly what it’s meant to do. 

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